T.W. Smith

Smith is fascinated with what scares people. His love affair with things that go bump in the night has spanned five decades, evolving into what he equates as comfort food:

“Some people crave potato chips. Others seek solace in a bowl of ice cream. Give me a comfortable couch and a classic movie like John Carpenter’s Halloween, or a well-worn Stephen King paperback, and I am in heaven. It’s my Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

After the publication of his short story Not Far From Here (in Peter Straub’s Ghosts anthology, 1995), Smith was sidelined into the workforce by familial and financial obligations—resulting in various jobs including a five-year tenure with (the sorely missed) Borders bookstore chain. He has worked in management for a handful of retailers and for 8 years was the co-owner of Smith’s, a kitchen and home store in the metro Atlanta area.

Smith resides in northern Georgia, with his husband, his mother-in-law, and their pets. He is also co-host of Johnny Has the Keys, a weekly podcast of the horror and sci-fi that shapes our lives.

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